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How long do the nails last?

The nails with glue can last 1-3 weeks and with tabs 1-5 days. Nail glue is for a more secure hold and nail tabs are just for a night out or just to wear for a day or two! NAIL PREP MAKES FOR BETTER NAIL ADHESION! 

Do you accept returns? 

Because of the nature of this product returns are not accepted. All sales are final that’s why I try my best to satisfy everyone to the best of my ability. 

Are the nails reusable? 

Yes, all custom nails are reusable. I reccomend having a nail file or mini nail drill to file off any left over nail glue under your press ons. Once all glue underneath the nails are removed they are ready to be reapplied. 

How do I know my size?

See picture on sizing sample product for photo discretion. 
Sizing sample kits are available to purchase on the website. Hold measuring tape horizontally across the widest part of your nail bed and base the size of each finger to the sizes we have. If our sizes don’t perfectly match leave a note of each finger nail size and we will make it custom to your nails. 

How to apply/prep nails?

There will be a nail application video on the home page and nails will also come with detailed application instructions and how to prep nails. 


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